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The company Prochazka & Partners s.r.o., ID No.: 241 24 338, with registered office at Václavské náměstí 841/3, Nové Město, 110 00 Prague 1, registered in the Commercial Register maintained by the Municipal Court in Prague under No. C 180758, operates the website www.prochazkapartners.cz, which uses cookies.
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Cookies are small text files that are sent to the user’s device (usually a browser) by the website visited. They are then stored on the device and transferred back to the website in question if the user visits it again, or possibly to another website if it recognises them.
In the context of this information, cookies also refer to other similar technologies such as pixel tags, web beacons or device identifiers.

Two basic types of cookies are commonly distinguished:

  • (i) Custom cookies (first-party cookies) are cookies that are created by the website you are currently browsing and can only be read by the pages of that website;
  • (ii) Third-party cookies are cookies that are created by sites other than the one the user is currently on, typically sites that have some content (e.g. video or advertising) on the site currently being browsed.

Cookies can also be categorised according to the purpose for which they are used:

Technical cookies

Technical cookies are necessary for the proper functioning of the website. They are used to ensure that cookies are used for the technical purposes of the website. If these cookies are disabled, some functions of our website will be prevented.

Preferential cookies

Preference cookies help us to make you enjoy our website more. We determine your preferred language, visitor status, etc. We can only use these cookies if you give us your consent within the cookie bar.

Analytical cookies

Analytical cookies are important for analysing website traffic. They help us maintain information about how visitors use our site and help us identify where to improve. We can only use these cookies if you give us your consent within the cookie bar.

Marketing cookies

Marketing cookies help link the website to social networks such as Facebook, and marketing cookies also make it possible to target advertising outside of this site (i.e. displaying advertising based on your interests or search history). We can only use these cookies if you give us your consent in the cookie bar.


Technical cookies

NameTypePursposeRecorded dataDurationCookie origin and related information
_grecaptcha, Rc::a, rc::b, rc::c, rc::d-#htmlDistinguishing between robots and humans. Recaptcha 2 yrsProchazkapartners.cz
Test_cookiehttpTest whether the browser accepts cookies 1 dayDoubleclick.net

Preferential cookies

Name Type Purspose Recorded data Duration Cookie origin and related information
Langhttp Chosing language Chosing languageSessionProchazkapartners.cz, LinkedIn

Analytical cookies

Name Type Purspose Recorded data Duration Cookie origin and related information
_ga, _gat, _gidhttpVisitor statisticsAssigning an ID to a user2 yearsGoogle Analytics
_hjAbsoluteSessionInProgress, _hjFirstSeen, _hjIndludedINPageViewSample, _hjTLDTest, hjSesssionUser,httpVisitor statisticsAssigning an ID to a user1 dayHotJar
_pk_id#httpVisitor statisticsAssigning an ID to a user1 dayBehavee
_AnalyticsSyncHistoryhttpData synchronization with third-party analytical tools.Assigning an ID to a user29 daysLinkedIn

Marketing cookies

Name Type Purspose Recorded data Duration Cookie origin and related information
C, leady_session_ID, leady_tab_idHTTPIP identification, open tabs ID assignment PersistentLeady.com
_lfa, _lfa_expiry, _lfa_test_cookie_stored, tr_leadfeeder,  Html, http, pixelRetargeting via IP addresses in the context of ABM, IP identification ID assignment PersisentLeadfeeder.com
Consent, Visitor_Info1_Live, YSC, YT-remote-cast-available, YT-remote-cast-installed, YT-remote-connected-devices, yt-remote-device-id, yt-remote-fast-check-period, yt-remote-session-app, yt-remote-session-namehttpBanner in YouTubeUser consent to the marketing category in the banner2 years, Session, persistentYoutube.com
Sid, retargeting RetargetingID assignment29 daysSeznam.cz
langhttpRetargetingID assignmentSessionAds.linkedin.com
_fbp, fr, trhttpFacebook uses third parties for RTB.ID assignment3 months Facebook.com
_gcl_auhttpExperimenting with ad effectiveness across the internet.ID assignment3 monthsGoogle
bcookie, _bscookie. Lidc, UserMatchHistoryhttpLinkedIn controls the use of its services on third-party sitesID assignment2 yearsLinkedIn
IDE, pagead_conversion, pagead_user_list, viewthroughconversionhttp, PixelUser behaviour on the web and clicking on ads.ID assignment1 year, SessionGoogle DoubleClick.net
L, of.firstVisit,, of.lastPageViews, ofsPixelLinking email campaigns with CRMID assignment between third-party toolsSession, PersistentOutfunnel.com


You consent to the use of preference, analytics and marketing cookies on our website (if you so choose) within the cookie bar. We are authorised to deploy technical cookies under the relevant legislation and therefore do not need your consent to use them.
You can later modify your preferences regarding cookies on our website at any time via the cookie management centre on our website.
You can also manage cookies, including disabling them (completely or selected) directly in your browser:


As part of our marketing activities, we use data collected through cookies in cooperation with the third parties listed below to target our advertising messages to people who have visited our website in the past. If you wish to disable this option, please contact our cooperating third parties directly:

  • Facebook (Facebook Ireland Ltd.): https://cs-cz.facebook.com;
  • Google (Google Ireland Ltd.): https://adssettings.google.com;
  • Seznam.cz, a.s.: https://o.seznam.cz/personalizovana-reklama/;
  • LinkedIn (LinkedIn Ireland Ltd.): https://www.linkedin.com/psettings/guest-controls/retargeting-opt-out.

For more information on the tools provided by the above partners for our marketing activities, please click here:

  • Facebook (Facebook Ireland Ltd.): https://cs-cz.facebook.com/business/ads/dynamic-ads;
  • Google (Google Ireland Ltd.): https://support.google.com/google-ads/answer/2453998?hl=cs;
  • Seznam.cz, a.s.: https://o.seznam.cz/personalizovana-reklama/;
  • LinkedIn (LinkedIn Ireland Ltd.): https://www.linkedin.com/help/linkedin/answer/a427660?lang=en


For more information on the processing of personal data, including your rights, please read our Privacy policy.

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