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Offices of the Year

Since 2017, the prestigious Offices of the Year competition has been recognizing companies that invest in their people through their offices, and indirectly promotes them as an attractive employer for future employees. At the same time, the competition aims to highlight the importance of improving the office culture, recognizing exceptional design, innovation and quality of the working environment.

Offices of the Year was held for the first time in 2017. Since then, hundreds of offices were entered for the prestigious award.

The aim of the competition is to highlight businesses that invest in their people by giving them an attractive and comfortable place to work, and promote them as an attractive employer for future employees.

Offices of the Year Gala at Žofín Palace

A jury of experts evaluates interiors in terms of originality and design of the space, innovations (technological, material, functional), atmosphere and especially the quality of the working environment. Across all categories, the attractiveness of the environment and the well-being of the people who work there are the merit on which the competition is judged, because these qualities are gaining in importance mainly due to how much time we spend working in offices.

Winners are typically announced in the following categories:

  • Financial Institutions Offices
  • IT Offices
  • 5,000 sqm Offices
  • Consulting Offices
  • 21st Century Offices
  • Hub & Co-working
  • Regional Star
  • Employee Friendly
  • Law Offices of the Year
  • Special Award of the Jury

The contest Offices of the Year is announced and coordinated by Prochazka & Partners. The winners are be announced at a gala at Žofín Palace, to which representatives of all registered companies are invited.

The fourth year of the competition introduced new categories, such as Regional Star which was claimed by Schwan Cosmetics.

More at www.kancelareroku.cz

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